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 Engineering Automation Software for PTC Windchill™ and CreoParametric™

What is Engineering Automation?

Engineering automation refers to the use of software to automate repetitive engineering processes. With user-defined engineering rules and procedures, engineering automation tools are capable of creating data, schematics, documentation, and more. This helps accelerate development of products and allow engineers from different departments to work in parallel - leveraging innovative techniques that help designers meet demands for higher productivity machines, shorter design times and lower costs.

What is JANUS?

JANUS is a modular engineering automation software which can enrich and analyse objects in Windchill with supplemental logic. By merging information from diverse systems (CAD, ERP, PLM, CPQ and many more) in JANUS, it becomes possible to combine the flexibility of an engineering-to-order strategy with the advantages of a configure-to-order process. Only if all this information is made available can CAD models be controlled based upon the requirements, reuses recognised and WT part/multi-BOM structures be automatically created

JANUS Modules

The JANUS Software Suite consists of four main components which can be used at various points in time. Upstream processes and/or applications (e.g. sales configurator/CPQ) can be easily integrated via a standardised XML interface.

Parameter Editor

In Parameter-Editor, all variants of the product can be defined. If a sales configurator or a ERP system is already being used, all variants can be imported via a standardised XML interface.

Logik Editor

The Logic-Editor supports users visually during the creation of parts intelligence. In this context, information from the CAD, PLM, ERP, etc. can be linked with each other and directly returned to the CAD model. WT-part structures can also be controlled with it.

Windchill - Analyzer

The WT-Analyzer handles the interpretation of the JANUS files on the server side. In addition to the creation of new structures, the recognition of variants that have already been configured and much more, this component is also responsible for the creation of EBOM.

JANUS - Worker

Via JANUS-Worker, all newly-generated components, parts and sketches can be regenerated and/or updated. Additional CAD applications can likewise be integrated into the Worker process.

What are the unique features of JANUS?

  • Configuration across the entire product structure including down to the individual part

    • Janus can configure across multiple levels of the product structure including down to the individual part

    • JANUS supports non-CAD upper structures

    • Full compatibility with Windchill O&V

  • JANUS can automate the engineering-to-order process up to 100%

    • New WT parts and CAD models can be created as required

    • Sketches can be automated

    • No manual intervention required/possible

  • Resue

    • Reuse of variants that have already been configured

    • Matrix of variants that have already been configured in Windchill

    • Significant reduction of the expenditures in all downstream processes such as, for example, purchasing, preparatory work and much more.

  •  Automated configuring of the EBOM and MBOM incl. new objects

    • Derivation of the MBOM and automated configuring

    • Option of applying a logic in the MBOM with JANUS, e.g. structure position in the EBOM

  • JANUS supports all CAD methods in Creo such as, for example, layouts, ProProgram, relationships and much more

    • Existing models can be reused upon a 1:1 basis.

    • Know-how is extracted from the CAD models and made available in the future in a transparent manner

    • JANUS enables CAD components to control the WT part logic (e.g. colours in the EBOM)

Download below the JANUS Goldhofer AG Case Studie


Downlaod JANUS Flyer 

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