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Why use VR?

Virtual reality has gone beyond novelty. Companies around the world are using it to evaluate designs and bring products to market faster. The learning curve, development needs, and hardware requirements are still a barrier to many. We set out to break that down, providing a one-click interactive VR experience, that is fast, easy, powerful and requires zero coding.

VR was a challenge – KeyVR made it easy.

KeyVR allows designers, clients, and stakeholders to easily view and manipulate models, scroll through model sets, multi-materials and virtual environments to make faster, better decisions.

Image by XR Expo

KeyVR Connect Uses

Set up multi-materials and scroll through Color and Material options as products would exist in a real-world context.

Architectural Presentations

An architect can quickly get the opinion of a client without a single cab ride or flight.

Augmented Reality Glasses
KeyShot Speaker-KeyShot.jpg

Rapid Design Review

Collaborate on design decisions together.

What you need to get started


Windows 7 / Windows 10


Oculus Rift / Oculus Rift S / Oculus Quest (via Oculus Link), HTC Vive / HTC Vive Pro / HTC Vive Pro 2.0, Varjo VR-1 / VR-2 / VR-2 Pro, any Windows Mixed Reality headset


For highest performance, NVIDIA Quadro cards are recommended. Minimum: any recent NVIDIA or AMD graphics card (NVIDIA GTX 1080 or AMD Vega 64)


Any KeyShot KSP or BIP file

Supported headsets

Currently, KeyVR supports Oculus Rift (with Oculus Desktop) and HTC Vive, Varjo VR or any Windows Mixed Reality (with SteamVR).

Explore your product in VR

Interested in KeyVR? Send your info using the form below and we’ll contact you to get set up immediately

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